SIGGRAPH 2019: Talk of the Show!

The project was released to the world at SIGGRAPH 2019 in the Immersive Pavilion and it really struck a chord with the conference attendees. We were told that is was one of the highlights of the show and media outlets like VentureBeat, said it was the ‘Biggest wow moment’ of the show!

Even with four pods of indexes running around the clock, there was always at least a 45 minute line. This was just amazing, we were actually worried before the show that four stations might mean that some were sitting unused!

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and feedback, it was great for the team to see all the hard work and passion pay off! Our goal was to get people interested Michelangelo’s work, and with the average SIGGRAPH attendee spending at least fifteen minutes in the experience, it was obvious that this was more than just a graphics demo, but something where people were learning about the work through exploration!

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